Bee Industry Strategy

Ensuring the viability and ethical operation of the bee industry in the Western Cape is fundamental to the mission of WKBV.  We currently have two specific projects underway to protect our local industry: the Bee Forage Working Group and the BIS Task Team.

Bee Forage Working Group

The Western Cape Bee Forage Working Group was established in January 2019.  A partnership between the WCBA and Western Cape Agri, the purpose of the Bee Forage Working Group is to seek to ensure, develop and sustain the availability of quality bee forage in the Western Cape that would sufficiently sustain a viable and vital honey bee population – both wild and managed colonies – in order to service the commercial pollination requirements of the Province, and to develop and adopt all possible measures and strategies to meet this purpose.

IMPORTANT COVID-19 INFORMATION: We are now in lockdown level 3.  Beekeeping permit only applies during the curfew period 11pm to 4am.  For more information email us [email protected]  For National updates: